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Selling Outside The Box

"The thing that he seemed to be able to do was to capture society, whatever part of it he wanted to portray, pretty accurately.  That's one of the things artists do, is show people later on what it was like.  If you want to be reminded of a certain period, you can look at what Andy was doing then.  He was very much in tune with what was going on..." - Mick Jagger on Andy Warhol.

 Andy Warhol (1928-1987)  "Mick Jagger"  Screen print in colours, on Arches Aquarelle paper, 1975, signed in pencil, and black felt tip by subject, edition 111/250  Printed by Alexander Heinrich NY, Seabird Editions London, 111 x 73.4cm.

Our auction business has been turned upside down since March 2020, with sales postponed or cancelled.  Because of our large client base opportunities have arisen where we have been able to continue with the business by adapting, by moving into private sales and the brokerage of works of art other than just posters.  Early last year we were asked if we could find a buyer for this modern masterpiece of Pop art.  Back in the 1970's the owner of the print had launched a lush magazine DELUXE, only two issues were printed with cover artwork by Peter Blake and Allen Jones, the magazine sadly ran out of funding.

A new backer Baron Stephen Bentinck was found, and the magazine relaunched as BOULEVARD with a glamorous launch at Abbey Road studios, only six issues were printed.  The founder was paid for his work with the magazines in Warhol prints, a quantity of which had been sitting around in the magazine offices, Bentinck had also been a backer of the series of Warhol Mick Jagger prints.  Luckily for our client he kept one of the prints, giving away the rest over the intervening years.  Onslows was able to place the print with a specialist West End Gallery who was able to return the required sum of £45,000 to our client.

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