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Take Me By The Flying Scotsman

The golden age of British railway travel is evoked in this original artwork for a poster advertising the Flying Scotsman.

The painting in the Art Deco style, emphasizing the huge scale and sleekness of the Gresley A1 Class locomotive that bore the name of the famous London to Edinburgh service.  The painting appeared on a London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) poster from 1932 titled with the slogan "Take Me by the Flying Scotsman".  The design, which shows a young girl looking up in awe at the driver of the train is a pastiche of an earlier Southern Railway poster.

Alfred Reginald Thomson (1894-1979)  "Take Me by the Flying Scotsman".  Gouache on paper, 69 x 43 cm 1932

This is the second time we have sold the painting, in 1988 Onslows discovered it amongst a major collection of LNER posters and artworks at the former Royal Station Wolferton in Norfolk, the collection had been saved by former LNER man Eric Walker.   He had purchased the station and reopened it as a small railway museum, the artwork was never displayed and was found in a cellar under the Royal Waiting rooms.  It was bought by an Art Deco collector for the then staggering sum of £5,000.  In 2020 thirty-two years later we were delighted to have been able to secure a private sale to the National Museums of Scotland for £40,000.  The purchase was made possible by a generous grant from the Art Fund.  The painting becomes one of a small number of objects to represent both the iconic locomotive and the rail service that still runs to this day.

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