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The attic discovery

My love of posters can be dated back to childhood when my parents gave me a book called The Golden Age of Railway posters. So when I had the opportunity to actually start handling the real thing back in my Christie’s days I decided this would be a good area of collecting to develop. So, I came up with the very ambitious idea of opening my own auction house.

We were very lucky in the early days of Onslows to get great media coverage for our new company and this in turn starting to bring in results by way of extraordinary collections of posters which had lain forgotten in ex railway company employee’s attics, cupboards and garden sheds and even in a secret cellar under the platform of the former Royal Railway Station at Wolferton in Norfolk.

Over the forty years since Onslows was founded I have built up a
wealth of knowledge and understanding of market trends.

Having sold many thousands of rare posters, at the beginning for just a few hundred pounds to a small group of collectors and museums the poster market has now developed into a multi thousand pound internationally recognised area of investment in artworks.