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Onslows Outside Events

Since 2014 we have supported the Chalke Valley History Festival the leading festival in the UK promoting all aspects of History.

In past years we have had great displays in the Grand Marquee showcasing some of the great collections we have sold, In 2014 on the Centenary of the Outbreak of the First World War we displayed the record-breaking Lord Kitchener poster and the extraordinary collection of sealed Princess Mary Christmas 1914 brass tobacco tins for the Tommies. 

Outside events

In following Years we exhibited a superb collection of Railway Carriage prints together with the original art work, a Porsche Motor Racing collection, the GPO Archive poster collection and a rare copy of the World War 2 poster with the most famous slogan of the century “Keep Calm and Carry On”.

Holding these events has brought Onslows great media coverage and brought to the attention of the public the great area of collecting vintage posters and with this - many new buyers and consignments of posters.

Outside events

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